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butterball frenchies


We got our 2 frenchies Fonzee and Dafnee from Michelle! Both our babies are amazing and I couldn't be happier. Michelle sent us pictures of our babies every week until the day we picked them up. Thank you again Michelle for two amazing French bulldogs. Trent and Melissa Lukens

Trent & Melissa Lukens

Happy Parents

Michelle, I know you told me someone didn't think batman's semen was fertile enough. Well when my vet got it and checked it, he said it was one of the best samples he had ever checked when someone used chilled semen. My girl is definitely pregnant, and we are expecting some beautiful black and tans carrying blue. Thanks so much for working with me under strict time constraints. This is what I wish we all got from stud services every time. Thank you very much. Puppies on june 3, 2014.

JJG Frenchies

happy, happy breeder

We got our Madeline, a fawn frenchie from Michelle in November 2013. She is our love and ruler of our home (in the very best sense). We love her so much we wanted to bred her. I contacted Michelle (Michelle had always been so great at answering questions and educating us). Michelle and Tina helped us to get the job done and now we will wait as see! I totally recommend Butterball Frenchies...the only problem with a frenchie...they will STEAL your heart!


happy, happy breeder